GelRed Applications


GelRed is an intercalating nucleic acid stain used in molecular genetics for agarose gel DNA electrophoresis. GelRed structurally consists of two ethidium subunits that are bridged by a linear oxygenated spacer.

GelRed is a fluorophore, and its optical properties are essentially identical to those of ethidium bromide. When exposed to ultraviolet light, it fluoresces with an orange color that strongly intensifies after binding to DNA. The substance is marketed as a less toxic and more sensitive alternative to ethidium bromide. GelRed is sold as a solution in anhydrous DMSO or ultrapurified water.GelRed is unable to cross cell membranes.

Common applications of GelRed

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis: GelRed is added to the agarose gel or loading buffer used in gel electrophoresis. After running the gel, it intercalates into the DNA or RNA bands. When exposed to UV light, the stained DNA or RNA emits fluorescence, allowing researchers to visualize and photograph the bands.

PCR Product Visualization: As mentioned earlier, GelRed is commonly used to visualize the amplified PCR products. Once the PCR reaction is completed, the products are loaded onto an agarose gel, and GelRed is added to the gel or the gel wells. After electrophoresis, the bands of amplified DNA can be observed under UV light.

DNA Quantification: GelRed can also be used for the quantification of DNA samples. By comparing the intensity of the DNA bands on the gel with known standards or a DNA ladder of known concentrations, researchers can estimate the quantity of DNA in their samples.

Genotyping: GelRed is useful in genotyping experiments to detect specific DNA variants or mutations. By amplifying the target region of interest using PCR and visualizing the products with GelRed, researchers can determine the genotypes of the samples.

Northern and Southern Blotting: GelRed can be used in Northern blotting to visualize RNA molecules separated on a gel. Similarly, in Southern blotting, GelRed can help visualize DNA fragments transferred from a gel to a membrane.

Quality Control in DNA Extraction and Purification: GelRed can be used to assess the quality and quantity of DNA isolated from various sources, such as tissues, cells, or blood samples.

AffiDYE® GelRed (10,000X)

SKU: AFG-VZ-GR501-01

0.5 mL /  10 ×0.5 mL  100 × 0.5 mL  


It is a novel nucleic acid dye that can replace ethidium bromide (EB)

It is applicable for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA staining in agarose gels and polyacrylamide gels electrophoresis.

 Key Advantages of AffiDYE® GelRed (10,000X)
  •  Non-toxic
  • High sensitivity
  • High stability
  • High SNR
  • Simple operation