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Watson is committed to contribute to the advancement of both scientific and technological innovation in the life science and healthcare fields.

Watson Branded products with watson mark are Rnase/Dnase/Human-DNA free. These products are manufacturing in the clean room under our high quality control and inspected accroding to our strict quality standard. Rnase/Dnase-free centrificate will be issued for each lot with your request.

Watson branded tube line-up is to support users working in different environments. More user-friendly and higher performance products are continuously being developed with Customers' requirements in mind.

  • Soft Touch Cap for your finger
  • High Transparency


Product no Item Unit  Case
131-715C 1.5ml, microtube with Locking-Cap, Roun bottom, Hard-Touch 1000 tubes/bag 10 bags/case
131-7155C 1.5ml, microtube with Locking-Cap, Round bottom, Soft-Touch 1000 tubes/bag 10 bags/case
1312-620C 2.0ml, Mictotube with Locking-cap. Round bottom 1000 tubes/bag 5 bags/case


Product no Item Unit Case
233-150C 5.0ml, Megatube, Round bottom 250 tubes/bag 10 bags/case
131-815C 1.5ml, Microtube, High-seal, Flat bottom , Hard touch 1000 tubes/bag 10 bags/case
131-8155C 1.5ml, Microtube, Flat Bottom, Soft Touch 1000 tubes/bag 10 bags/case

Centrifuge Tube

Product No Item Packaging size
1342-050S 50ml centrifuge Tube (Stabilized) 24pcs x 20 bags
1332-015S 15ml centrifuge Tube (Stabilized) 48pcs x 10 bags
1342-550S 50ml self-standing centrifugr Tube (Stabilized) 24pcs x 20 bags


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Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of bench top equipment and lab essentials that deliver design, function and innovation. Our products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. We push the boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.

Product as shown as following:


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