Product Listing

Product Description Brand
1D/ 2D Gel Electrophoresis ATTO
1st BASE Biochemicals and Buffers 1st BASE
Actin binding proteins Cytoskeleton
Actins Cytoskeleton
Activity Assays & Reagents R&D Systems
Adrenal & Pancreatic Fitzgerald
Advanced skin test products Lifeline Cell Technology
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis ATTO
Agate Mortar & Pestle Sets Heathrow Scientific
Ancillary Reagents and Assay Components Arbor Assays
Animal & Veterinary Fitzgerald
Antibodies Advanced Biotechnologies
Antibodies Arbor Assays
Antibodies Biomedal
Antibodies R&D Systems
Antibodies Cytoskeleton
Antibodies (monoclonal) Aviva Systems Biology
Apoptosis Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
Assay Kits Aviva Systems Biology
Aviva Western Blot Reagent Kit Aviva Systems Biology
Biochem Kits™ Cytoskeleton
Biochemicals Nacalai Tesque
Biomarkers Abnova
Biospecimen DNA, Purification & Analysis Biochain
Biospecimen Protein, Purification & Expression Biochain
Biospecimen RNA, Purification & Analysis Biochain
Biospecimen Section & Arrays Biochain
Blots Zeptometrix
Blotting Reagents & Membranes ATTO
Bone and Metalbolism Fitzgerald
Buffers, Solutions and Perfusion Chambers Cytoskeleton
Calf Serum Zen-Bio
Cardiac Markers Fitzgerald
CD Markers Fitzgerald
Cell / Tissue Derived Products Zen-Bio
Cell and Tissue Lysates GeneTex
Cell Based Assays Cell Biolabs
Cell Biology Products Advanced Biotechnologies
Cell Counter/Microscale Slide Watson
Cell Culture, Antibody & Others Biochain
Cell Signaling and Protein Biology Cell Biolabs
Cells and Microorganisms ATCC
Centrifuge/Vortex CM-70M series ELMI
Centrifuges CM-6 series ELMI
Chemical Reference Material Fitzgerald
Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi) Abnova
Clinical Specimens Zeptometrix
Cloning & Gene Analysis Toyobo
Collagen scaffolds ReproCELL Inc
Competent Cells EdgeBio
Concentrated Viral Preparations Advanced Biotechnologies
Consumables Covaris
Control Cell Lysates Aviva Systems Biology
CoolSafe Versatile & Effective Benchtop Cooling & Storage System Diversified Biotech
Corneal Epithelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Cosmeceutical Research Kits Zen-Bio
Covaris CryoPrep™ Covaris
Covaris E-series Covaris
Covaris L-series Covaris
Covaris M-series Covaris
Covaris S-series Covaris
Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® Diversified Biotech
Cryogenic Items Diversified Biotech
Cryopreservation Solutions Lifeline Cell Technology
Cryostorage Heathrow Scientific
Culture Reagents ATCC
Custom Panels Zeptometrix
Custom Products Advanced Biotechnologies
Custom products and services Lifeline Cell Technology
CytoDYNAMIX™ Screens Cytoskeleton
Cytokines & Growth Factors Zeptometrix
Cytoskeleton Motor Werks™ Cytoskeleton
D-Luciferin Gold Biotechnology
Detection Systems Arbor Assays
Direct Thermal Tough-Tags® Diversified Biotech
Disease model cell generation using human iPS cell technologies ReproCELL Inc
Dishes, Flasks & Bottles USA Scientific
DNA Clean up/Gel Extraction Geneaid
DNA Controls Advanced Biotechnologies
Drugs of Abuse & TDM Antibodies and Conjugates Fitzgerald
Drugs Used to Study the Cytoskeleton Cytoskeleton
DTT Gold Biotechnology
Dye Terminator Removal (DTR) EdgeBio
Electrophoresis Reagents ATTO
ELISA / Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
ELISAs Zeptometrix
ELISAs R&D Systems
ELISpot Kits and Development Modules R&D Systems
Endothelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Enzymes and Assay Kits Biochain
Epitope Tag Antibody – Detection of Tag-fusion proteins Nacalai Tesque
Extracellular Matrix Proteins Cytoskeleton
Fertility & Pregnancy Fitzgerald
Fetal Bovine sera J R Scientific
Fetal Bovine Serum USA Scientific
Fetal Bovine Serum Zen-Bio
Fibroblast systems / stem cell products Lifeline Cell Technology
Filtered Tips BioPointe Scientific
Filtering Supplies Heathrow Scientific
Flow Cytometry & Cell Selection/Detection R&D Systems
forensicGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Cigarette, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue ZyGEM
G-LISA™ kits Cytoskeleton
G-Proteins Cytoskeleton
g-TUBE for DNA Shearing Covaris
Gel Documentation ATTO
General Laboratory Reagents R&D Systems
Genes Cusabio Biotech
Gloves USA Scientific
Gold and Silver Colloids Fitzgerald
Hand Gel Casting ATTO
Human anti-GSTT1 ELISA Biomedal
Human Cells (Subcutaneous Preadipocytes & Adipocytes, Visceral Preadipocyte & Adipocytes, Hepatocytes, Skeletal Muscle, Adult Stem Cells, Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, Mesothelial, 3T3L1 (mouse) ) Zen-Bio
Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes (launched in April 2009, World’s first commercial product)  ReproCELL Inc
Human iPSC-derived hepatocytes  ReproCELL Inc
Human iPSC-derived neurons (launched in October 2010, World’s first commercial product) ReproCELL Inc
Hyper-Filter Tips Watson
Immuno Diagnostics Biochain
Immunoassay and Detection Kits Arbor Assays
Infectious Disease Antigens Advanced Biotechnologies
Infectious Disease Products Fitzgerald
Instrumentation Heathrow Scientific
Intermediate Filaments Cytoskeleton
IPTG Gold Biotechnology
Keratinocyte systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Labels USA Scientific
Laboratory Equipment USA Scientific
Laboratory Notebooks Heathrow Scientific
Leuko Tip Watson
Lipoprotein/Apolipoproteins Fitzgerald
Liquid Measurement Heathrow Scientific
livestockGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Ear Punch ZyGEM
Luminescent Detector / Reagents ATTO
Lysates/Slides Abnova
MagBead DNA/RNA technologies Geneaid
MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
Media (Cell Culture, Classical Media / Reagents) Zen-Bio
Melanocyte cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Metabolic Disease Research Kits Zen-Bio
Microcentrifuge Tubes USA Scientific
microRNA Analysis Cell Biolabs
Microscopy Supplies Heathrow Scientific
Microtubule Associated Proteins Cytoskeleton
Microtubule Drug Screening Service Cytoskeleton
Modifying Enzyme Toyobo
Molecular Biology Reagents 1st BASE
Monoclonal Antibodies Zeptometrix
Monoclonal Antibodies Abnova
Monoclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Multiplex Assays/Arrays R&D Systems
Native and Recombinant Protein Cusabio Biotech
Next Generation Sequencing Biochain
Nucleic Acid Isolation Reagents Kits Geneaid
Nucleic Acid Purification Toyobo
Nucleic Acids (dNTPs, ATP solution) Enzymatics
Nucleic Acids, Proteins and Cell Extracts ATCC
Oligos Biomedal
Organizers & Supplies USA Scientific
Other Equipment (EP & WB) ATTO
Other Ultra Pure Enzymes Enzymatics
Others Cusabio Biotech
Our QCMax™ antibodies Cytoskeleton
Oxidative Stress Zeptometrix
Oxidative Stress / Damage Cell Biolabs
PCR Toyobo
PCR Products USA Scientific
PCR Purification Kits & Systems EdgeBio
PCR-NAT Controls and Standards Zeptometrix
PCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time qPCR Biochain
Peptides and Proteins Biomedal
Perista® Pump ATTO
Phlebotomy Heathrow Scientific
Pipet Tips USA Scientific
Pipette Tips BioPointe Scientific
Pipetter New! Watson
Pipetting Supplies Heathrow Scientific
Pituitary Hormones Fitzgerald
Plasmid DNA purification Geneaid
Plates & Sealing Film USA Scientific
Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
Polyclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Power Supply ATTO
Precast Gel ATTO
Preparative Electrophoresis ATTO
prepGEM – Bacteria, Blood, Blood Storage Card, Fungi, Insect, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue ZyGEM
Preservation Plates Watson
Primary Antibodies GeneTex
Primary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Primary cells for diabetes research  ReproCELL Inc
Promoter Arrays Aviva Systems Biology
Prostate cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Protein Assay Reagents Cytoskeleton
Protein Expression and Purification Biomedal
Protein Research Toyobo
Proteins Abnova
Proteins R&D Systems
Proteins/Peptides GeneTex
Pulmonary cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Purified Human Hormones Fitzgerald
Quality Control Strains ATCC
Racks & Boxes USA Scientific
Reagents Nacalai Tesque
Reagents Biomedal
Real-time PCR Toyobo
Recombinant Proteins Aviva Systems Biology
Red Blood Cells Fitzgerald
Related Accessories Covaris
Renal cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Research Reagents and Kits GeneTex
Research reagents for human ES/iPS culture  ReproCELL Inc
RNA products Lifeline Cell Technology
RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture ZyGEM
Rotator/Mixer RM-2 ELMI
Safety Products Heathrow Scientific
Sample Preparation Instruments and Reagents Biochain
Sealing Films for Microplates Diversified Biotech
Secondary Antibodies GeneTex
Secondary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Secondary Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Seroconversion Panels Zeptometrix
Serologicals & Specialty Tips USA Scientific
Serum Products GeneTex
Services (protein purification and drug screening) Cytoskeleton
Shakers DOS, S-302 and DRS ELMI
ShRNA Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Signal Enhancer HIKARI New! Nacalai Tesque
Signal Enhancer Hikari - Signal Enhancer for Western Blotting and ELISA Nacalai Tesque
Signal Enhancer Hikari for Immunostain – Detect protein of interest with Immunostain procedures Nacalai Tesque
Siliconized Tips Watson
SiRNA Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Slides GeneTex
Small G-Proteins Cytoskeleton
Smooth muscle cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Speciality Chemicals and Bioreagents Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Spin Columns, Kits & Reagents (Sample Preparation) EdgeBio
Stem Cell & Cell Culture Products R&D Systems
Stem Cell Research Cell Biolabs
Stem Cell Systems, Human Lifeline Cell Technology
Stem Cell Systems, Non Human Lifeline Cell Technology
Storage Products Heathrow Scientific
Strains Biomedal
Subculture reagents Lifeline Cell Technology
Support Products Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Support Reagents Zeptometrix
Surfactants and Stabilizers Fitzgerald
Test Kits Advanced Biotechnologies
Testing and Characterization ATCC
Thermal Transfer Labels Diversified Biotech
Thermo-shakers DTS and MT2 ELMI
Thermoblocks SensoQuest
Thermocycler (Labcycler) SensoQuest
Tough-Spots® Pre-Cut Peel-Off Round Labels for Microcentrifuge Tube Tops Diversified Biotech
Tough-Tags® Chemically Inert Polyester Labels Diversified Biotech
Transfection of 1. DNA in vitro - jetPRIME™ Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 2. siRNA in vitro - INTERFERin™ Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 3. DNA for HTS application - jetPEI™ Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 4. siRNA for HTS application - INTERFERin™-HTS Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 5. Nucleic acid in vivo - in vivo-jetPEI™ Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 6. DNA for Protein and virus production in synthetic media - Fecturin™ Polyplus-transfection
Transfection of 7. Protein, Antibody and Peptide - PULSin™ Polyplus-transfection
Tubes & Cuvettes USA Scientific
Tubulin Proteins Cytoskeleton
Ultra Pure Ligases Enzymatics
Ultra Pure Polymerases Enzymatics
UV Monitor, Fraction Collector ATTO
Vectors Biomedal
Viral Expression Cell Biolabs
Viral Lysates Zeptometrix
Viral Proteins Advanced Biotechnologies
Vortex mixer v-3 ELMI
Water thermostats TW2 series and magnetic stirrer MS01 ELMI
Western Blotting ATTO
WetGrip™ Labels for Moist, Frosty or Frozen Surfaces Diversified Biotech
X-Gal Gold Biotechnology
X-Gluc Gold Biotechnology