RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture

 Manufacturer: ZyGEM


RNAGem™ tissue RNA extraction kits feature a new formulation of enzymatic technologies that uses a single-tube process to provide complete extraction of RNA. This includes smaller RNA molecules such as noncoding RNA and microRNA that may be excluded by other RNA extraction methods. The RNAGem kits deliver high molecular weight RNA and good transcriptome profiles. They are suitable for complete gene-expression and noncoding RNA analyses.

Feature / Benefits:

  • Takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, including handling time
  • Requires a single 5 minute incubation
  • Does not use GITC, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol
  • Delivers linear yields of total Nucleic Acid from 1 to 105 cells
  • Delivers linearity that is matched between high and low copy genes
  • Does not discriminate RNA molecules based on size

Kit Components of RNAGEM™ Tissue

  • RNAGEM enzyme
  • 10 x SILVER buffer
  • 10 x TE storage buffer
  • QuickStart Guide