Transfection of 7. Protein, Antibody and Peptide - PULSin™

 Manufacturer: Polyplus-transfection


PULSin™ is an innovative reagent for the highly efficient transfer of functional proteins to the cytoplasm of living cells. With PULSin™, you can target intracellular proteins in living cells with antibodies without fixation, eliminating the time and effort of fixing cells.

PULSin™ also has advantages over DNA transfection because the amount and timing of exogenous proteins in cells can be controlled. With this precise control even lethal proteins can be studied.

Simple and fast protocol


  • Effective and robust delivery into the cytoplasm
  • Delivery to a wide variety of cells including primary cells, with up to 98% efficiency
  • Highly efficient transfer
  • Easy to use (Simply add PULSin™ to the protein, incubate, and apply to cells)
  • Easily perform real time function blocking and protein localization studies using antibodies.



Catalog # Reagent Number of Reactions
501-01 PULSin™ (0.1ml)* 6 reactions in 6-well plates
501-04 PULSin™ (0.4ml)* 24 reactions in 6-well plates
501-16 PULSin™ (0.4ml)* 96 reactions in 6-well plates

0.4 ml of PULSin™ protein delivery reagent is sufficient for 24 reactions in 6-well plates.

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