Transfection of 5. Nucleic acid in vivo - in vivo-jetPEI™

 Manufacturer: Polyplus-transfection


Non-viral gene delivery to animals is easy with in vivo-jetPEI™ transfection reagent. Simply mix your DNA (or siRNA) with this reagent and administer to animals for gene expression in multiple tissues.

With in vivo-jetPEI™, you can also deliver genes by different modes into different species based on your needs (even humans in GMP conditions). You'll avoid experimental and regulatory hassles by choosing in vivo-jetPEI™ in place of virus for gene delivery.

This reagent can be made under GMP conditions and customized to target specific cells.

Figure : Non-invasive bioluminescence of a living mouse following systemic delivery of in vivo-jetPEI™/DNA complexes.


  • Successful delivery of DNA, siRNA and oligonucleotides in vivo
  • Multiple modes of administration in many species
  • RNAi with in vivo-jetPEI™
  • No detectable inflammatory response
  • Currently used in several phase I-II clinical trials
  • Reproducible results



CATALOG # Amount of reagent Amount of glucose solution
201-10G 0.1ml 10 mL
201-50G 0.5 mL 2 x 10 mL

0.1ml of in vivo-jetPEI™ is sufficient to perform up to 20 intravenous injections in mouse with 50 µg of DNA.

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