Transfection of 4. siRNA for HTS application - INTERFERin™-HTS

 Manufacturer: Polyplus-transfection


NEW! INTERFERin™-HTS is a new generation siRNA transfection reagent especially developed for high throughput screening (HTS) applications providing great silencing efficiency, excellent reproducibility and high cell viability with very low amounts of reagent.

INTERFERin™-HTS is cost-effective, easy to handle, compatible with serum and antibiotics, and comes with reverse and forward protocols for 96- and 384-well plates.

Figure 4. siRNA transfection with INTERFERin™-HTS gives higher silencing efficiency than competitor reagents. HeLa cells were transfected in 96-well plates with 10 nM siRNA duplexes targeting lamin A/C following a reverse transfection protocol according to the manufacturer‘s recommendations. Lamin A/C expression was measured 24 hours after transfection by branched DNA assay and normalized to GAPDH expression.


  • Great silencing from 10 to 50 nM siRNA
  • Designed for automated procedures
  • Reproducible at all levels
  • Small volume of reagent per well, cost effective


Catalog Number Amount of reagent
410-002 0.2 mL
410-015 1.5 mL
410-060 4 x 1.5 m


1.5 mL of INTERFERin™-HTS is sufficient to transfect 200-300 plates in (96-well)

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