Signal Enhancer HIKARI

 Manufacturer: Nacalai Tesque


Signal Enhancer HIKARI is for Western Blotting, dot blotting and ELISA. It improves antigen-antibody reactions. It resolves the problems of low sensitivity and high background.

Simply dilute antibodies with Signal Enhancer instead of diluents such as PBS or TBS. No additional steps are required!



  • Enhances antigen-antibody reactions
    Increases signals several times to several tens of times higher
  • Easily removes background
    Increases the specificity of your antibodies
  • Works with any substrate
    Enhances both chemiluminescence and colorimetric detection
  • Works with any membrane
    Enhances signal on nitrocellulose and PVDF membrane
  • Ready-to-use
    Just dilute your antibodies with Signal Enhancer HIKARI. No additional steps are required



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