ZyGEM™ Corporation Limited is a rapidly growing biotechnology company with innovative enzyme-based products and technologies developed from our exclusive collection of microorganisms from extreme environments.

The ZyGEM brand, which includes prepGEM™ and forensicGEM™ family of products, enables DNA extraction from diverse sample types for simple, accurate and rapid human and animal DNA testing. Our products provide significant advantages in ease-of-use and workflow over existing methods. This allows us to better serve life sciences customers in basic research, forensics, livestock and agriculture.


Website: http://www.zygem.com/
Country of Origin:  New Zealand
Coverage:   Malaysia

Product Range:

  • forensicGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Cigarette, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue
  • livestockGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Ear Punch
  • prepGEM – Bacteria, Blood, Blood Storage Card, Fungi, Insect, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue
  • RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture