Found in 2006, Enzymatics is an independent, ISO 13485:2003 certified OEM manufacturer of enzymes that brings to the marketplace a unique, quality oriented, and customer focused approach to protein production. Operating from the perspective that they are a manufacturing division of their customer, Enzymatics consistently delivers the highest quality and value enzymes. 

Performance Enhancing Quality

The quest to deliver enzymes of standard-shifting quality is the reason the company was formed. They have a proven track record of providing materials to clients that enhance the performance of the processes in which they are incorporated.  

Superior Quality Control Metrics

Enzymatics has developed and applied industry-leading approaches to understanding enzyme quality that far surpass previous standards. They apply highly sensitive and proprietary testing to their enzymes prior to release of materials to customers.

Groundbreaking Pricing

From inception Enzymatics has utilized our extensive experience and know-how in enzyme production along with advances in technology to design processes that yield the ultimate in efficiency. The result is high product yield at low cost of goods. Their state-of-the-art processes far exceed that of other suppliers who utilize older processes that have evolved or been re-engineered over decades. Enzymatics simply created the most effective processes from the start.

Website:  http://www.enzymatics.com/
Country of Origin:  USA
Coverage:   Malaysia

Product Range:

  • Nucleic Acids (dNTPs, ATP solution)
  • Other Ultra Pure Enzymes
  • Ultra Pure Ligases
  • Ultra Pure Polymerases