Arbor Assays



Arbor Assays' company philosophy is to build the highest quality detection and immunoassay products for clinically important biomolecules.

Their primary customer focus is both pharmaceutical and clinical scientists. Arbor Assays builds robust immunoassay and enzyme activity kits to quantitate biomolecules in biological matrices, and finds delight in taking on the most technically challenging assays there are to develop.

Arbor Assays' products fall into three general areas:

  • Immunoassay Kits - These are unique kits for the detection of biological and chemical molecules. This broad group of products includes immunoassays for the detection of both large and small molecules.
  • Detection Kits- These unique products quantitatively detect the activity of an enzymatic reaction or the amount of a particular chemical or biochemical in a sample. See our list of products.
  • Contract & Consulting Services

Country of Origin:  USA
Coverage:   Malaysia

Product Range:

  • Ancillary Reagents and Assay Components
  • Antibodies
  • Detection Systems
  • Immunoassay and Detection Kits