Advanced Biotechnologies



Advanced Biotechnologies Inc (ABI) is recognized as The Virology Resource Centre™. ABI specializes in the development and manufacturing of products for the research diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of infectious diseases.

ABI's expertise are HIV, HTLV, HSV, VZV, EBV, CMV, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8, RSV, SIV, Rubella, Influenza, Vaccinia, Chlamydia, Neisseria and Toxoplasma.

Country of Origin:  USA
Coverage:   Malaysia

Product Range:

  • Antibodies
  • Cell Biology Products
  • Concentrated Viral Preparations
  • Custom Products
  • DNA Controls
  • Infectious Disease Antigens
  • Test Kits
  • Viral Proteins